Curvy Style Rocks is a blog ‘par excellence’ & “SUMMERTIME FAVORITES” Part 1

I received some great news from No Secret Mode. I was featured with my blog again on Markt Intern. No Secret Mode talked about the future plans for the brand. Markt Intern also featured that you can find the brand on all social media pages now and how they use them for promotion. In the next sentence No Secret Mode said that Lyz Lupo from Curvy Style Rocks is a blogger “par excellence”.  This means a lot to me, since I am not doing this for a long time yet. Thank you to No Secret Mode for this!

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In this part of my blog I would like to present you two styles that I love to wear this summer. First one is my CITY outfit and the second is the CLUB outfit. I must say that I love white, rose and nude a lot right now. Of course for my club outfit I choosed a colourful outfit, cause even plus girls have to shine at night in the club!



Pants are by No Secret Mode, blouse by H&M, bag from Tom&Eva and sandalles are by Tommy Hilfiger.

IMG_1705IMG_1714IMG_1718 IMG_1720 IMG_1721 IMG_1728 IMG_1731 IMG_1764 IMG_1781


Pants – No Secret Fashion – Order Number 40325296 (also in red)

Take a Look:

TOP SECRET – Mode-Vertriebs-GmbH
Am Kieswerk 12
63791 Karlstein

Tel.: (0049) 61 88 / 99 55 1 –  0
Fax: (0049) 61 88 / 99 55 1 –  20


E-mail: Opens window for sending

No Secret – Love & Live!

Blouse – H&M

Similiar 1:

Similliar 2:



For my club night I choosed a colourful outfit. I used a jumpsuit from Cut for Evans which was also featured at the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014 by Hayley Hasselhoff. The blazer is from ASOS Curve, the bag is from Asos Marketplace and I found the sandales on ebay last year. So plus women, dont be afraid to use colourful looks when you go out. Shine and let the other stare!

IMG_1852 IMG_1864 IMG_1878 IMG_1895 IMG_1953 IMG_1976 IMG_1967 IMG_1984 IMG_1984a-horz IMG_1720b-horz



Jumpsuit – not available on evans anymore

Similiar ones (please change the country and language is needed):

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Evans –$ja=kw:evans%7ccgn:evans%7ccgid:4381603708%7ctsid:42918%7ccn:Evans+-+DE+-+B+-+Exa+-+Ger+-+SE+-+XX%7ccid:93984628%7clid:85785191%7cmt:Exact%7cnw:search%7ccrid:23980584388%7cdvc:c%7cadp:1t1

Monif C –

Blazer: Asos Curve –