GYPSY STYLE: Say “HELLO” to Casandra!

When I received this dress by No Secret Mode I imidiatly thought I need to turn this into gypsy style. So I styled myself and my gypsy me called “Casandra” appeared. Like many romanian women she can also tell you the future through her tarot cards. The question is just, would you invite her over to your place?


The dress itself is not only great for a gypsy style theme, but also as a beach outfit. You can even use it as a shopping outfit, but that might look better with some comfortable and chic flat sandales.

The order number for this dress is: 40526302

No Secret Mode also shipps to other countries. For more information regarding here is the contact details of them:

TOP SECRET – Mode-Vertriebs-GmbH
Am Kieswerk 12
63791 Karlstein

Tel.: (0049) 61 88 / 99 55 1 –  0
Fax: (0049) 61 88 / 99 55 1 –  20


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No Secret – Love & Live!

Conclusion: I must say I love the dress. Its sweet its long. I look like a gypsy in this dress, even my family said this. If you want to use the dress for the city make sure to wear jewlery and big summer hat, sandales and please a bigger belt. I choosed the wrong belt unfortunatly.

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