A beautiful afternoon at the Rhine river….

Last week I had a shooting with a new photographer from my city. He is a total amateur, but he is interested in this. So I had a nice discussion about photography with him and on the next day we had the first shooting. I was even his first model.

It feels good somehow to see how other people like doing photography. I love taking¬†pictures and seeing the results myself. In the picture above I was thinking about something nice….Well, actually at a person. What I like most about it are my dreamy eyes. Nice, right?

It is actually a great thing to find a photographer you can work with in your city. In my area they are too crazy about lingerie shootings and I don’t need that for my blog. And they are not even good photographers.

Luckily, for me this one is not bad at all. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to be part of the social media. Kind of conservative, also he doesn’t look like that. But well….I can still share the pics. ūüėČ


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Location: Plittersdorf, Germany

Model: Lyz Lupo

Blog: Curvy Style Rocks

Look: Asos Curve, MY OWN (last year collection)

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Cheers Lyz Lupo <3