Fashion is relevant for all sizes, because all sizes want to be dressed fashionable! ~ Lyz LupoAccept your mistakes and learn to love yourself with all your failures, because you are a beautiful soul! ~ Lyz LupoYou must think, speak, behave and suffer in a positive way! ~ Lyz Lupo

About Me

My name is Claudia Katona and I’m a passionate writer since 17. I’m known under the artist name LYZ LUPO as a short plus size model and a body positve activist. I’m also the owner of the International Magazine Style & Curve. Furthermore, I am fighting with the effects of having PCOS, which causes me to have problems with depression and their side-effects. So, I still have to overcome a lot.

This is just an informal page about me and my portfolio. Get to know my personality and opinions in the Editor’s Column of Style & Curve Magazine HERE.

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